Yadi Beginning his "Red Carpet" Press Tour for the HOF

Yadier Molina unhinged after violent bang bang play at the plate between Angels and Astros.

For those of us in St. Louis who knew and appreciated how bad ass Yadier Molina is, this should come as no surprise that he is now receiving national recognition for what seems like maybe the first time in his life.

Firstly, for those of you who don't understand the context, Jonathon Lucroy of the Los Angeles Angels was hit in an aggressive collision on a play at the plate by Jake Marisnick of the Houston Astros. Here is the play below:

Here's the thing I struggle with. I'm not sure how Marisnick can be totally faulted for this collision. Especially considering that the throw from Calhoun in right was basically right in the path of Marisnick's path to the plate.

But on the other hand, if Marisnick's only focus is on the plate, why would you not dive to the right side of the base path, especially if he is trying to find a way to score without causing problems with MLB's collision rules.

I think that is the hardest part of this play. If Marisnick goes more to the right, then he's dead to rights at the plate. It would have been a less aggressive collision, and the inning is over.

Is it a stretch to say he might have used the collision as a way to create a run late in a tie game? Probably. It also helps Marisnick apologized on twitter for this collision.

And so, in steps Yadier. Fucking. Molina.

And it didn't just stop with one post from Yadi.

I mean.... There is just a certain level of league wide respect you have to have to pull this off. Not to mention the amount of support you have to have from the organization. Because it's not like Yadi just vented about a bang bang play.

He full on attacked individual baseball fans, at a time when all anyone can talk about is how hard it is to grow the game of baseball. Which is why I would be a little surprised if there is no response from both the Cardinals and Major League Baseball.

This also confirms what Cardinals fans have been saying since Yadi came up, and what everyone who follows baseball should know: Yadier Molina is a Hall of Famer already.

It may seem like a stretch to claim this is the moment that sets it over the edge compared to a career of gold gloves and accolades.

But let's be honest, you are not saying these things unless you are pretty damn confident it won't hurt your standing. And as is normal for Yadier, he has once again found a way to endear himself to Cardinals fans, if not baseball fans in general.

Bottom line also has to be that you hope for the best for Jonathon Lucroy. And the rules MLB put in place a few years back for collisions at the plate clearly didn't solve the game.

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