We Are All Going To Die

The Wuhan-Corona Virus has officially taken over the world and not to be out done by the Chinese government which built a hospital in a week just for these patients, I am now in a life threatening situation by just sitting in collegiate classrooms and am prepared to go on strike.

Look I know that this isn't that likely, but think about how explosive the Corona Virus would be in a classroom.

Even worse a grade school classroom. Looks like I won't be seeing my mother anytime soon.

Recently it has been reported to me that on campus there are people suffering from symptoms "similar to" this apocalyptic contagion sweeping the world, and I for one have already had it.

I must add that I have not officially been notified of these instances by the university, but through secondary sources such as friends or people who have classes with said people.

So take my information as you want to, but allow me to be a touch dramatic for a second.

Now look, I would like to think that any college that is monitoring a student with symptoms similar to this virus would report that immediately, but then lets look at this objectively.

While it may even be legally enforced for them to report these symptoms, it may be up to fourteen days before they finally have to spill the beans, and by then there is no telling how many of us could succumb to this virus and become zombies ourselves.

All I'm asking is how safe can I really be.

Because this has become an actual zombie take over on par with 'World War Z' or 'Bird Box' and I for one would prefer to NOT jump infront of a semi.

If these people who are in class with the potential "victims" are already infected, and I'M talking to them, what are the odds I myself end up on my death bed soon?

And then the doctor who intially reported the virus is dying in China?

It's time to build an actual great wall around that country and save the rest of the known world including my writing in mass media class.

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