Volume Five: Dude, Where Are My Black Friday Shoppers?

Updated: Oct 24, 2018


We all remember the commotion. As soon as the plates clear at Thanksgiving, cousins and other family would begin pulling out coupons and planning the evening's shopping. At least thats how it used to be. While lines may not be disappearing in huge numbers, the pandemonium that was once associated with Black Friday is no longer as prevalent.

As providers like Amazon and Walmart online create options for Black Friday shopping, or rather Cyber Monday. It no longer seems worth it to get into violent altercation over this years hottest Christmas toy. Because now Santa delivers for parents.

Heres a breakdown of where to get deals, and why people are turning to some of these new shopping locations.


One of the most obvious challengers for Black Friday is online retail giant Amazon. For a website that already offers great deals, Black Friday is just another opportunity for them to drop their prices and create more shopping through their website.

And if their technology continues, who wouldn't want to have a drone deliver their Christmas gifts. Forget Rudolph, hello 21st Century Santa, a product of Silicon Valley and Jeff Bezos. And while it sounds drastic, Jeff Bezos is essentially the living embodiment of Santa Claus.

A man who runs a distribution center for gifts, toys, and very wide array of others things people might want or need.

Not only does he deliver gifts, with his new Alexa device, he actually does hear you when you're sleeping, and most likely could know when you are awake. But thats another conversation entirely.

The ease, and the financial benefit gained from doing holiday shopping on Amazon is just one reason why people are feeling more compelled to do their holiday shopping on Cyber Monday.

The ability to browse and compare deals side by side, ensuring that you know what you are buying exactly is one of the biggest things. The other side is the safety of shopping. And this is safety for a number of reasons.

One of the reasons everyone has to rush on Black Friday is due in large part to the limited supplies on these deals. When people are worried that supply will sell out, they aren't worried about getting what they want. They are worried about just getting deals and hoping they enjoy what they buy.

And this isn't just me saying things. According to an article from the Chicago Tribune, only 35 percent of consumers planned on doing their shopping on Black Friday, down from 59 percent. This trend seems to be winning.

For more information on Amazon Black Friday deals, read this article from the Velvetiere.


The traditional shopping avenue. For me, I can always remember two holiday shopping ads distinctly: Walmart and Toy-R-Us. The latter is currently making a comeback from bankruptcy (Maybe?) and the former is a mainstay is home necessities. But when I think Walmart, I don't think cheap high quality TVs or furniture, or any number of Black Friday shopping that can be done there.

Walmart still holds the spot for my favorite advertisement that I can remember. And I stress remember. There have probably been funny ones I don't remember, but this one just sticks with me. Something about a new Call of Duty right around the holidays brings out my inner Black Friday shopper.

The part of shopping at a store like Walmart that I really enjoy is the human experience. You really just never can undersell how special people are. They are compassionate, caring, and will kick your ass if you dare touch their cart. And by compassionate, I meant way too passionate about deals. About by caring, I meant caring for themselves. Black Friday any walmart sucks.

However, this does not mean there aren't some great deals you can still find, and with more people moving online, maybe it can be tolerable to go shopping in store Thursday and friday night.

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