Trump Wins 2020 Presidential Election

You morons.

You incoherent babbling morons.

You were so damn concerned about removing Donald Trump from office via impeachment you couldnt even make sure your voting app was WORKING for the primary in Iowa.

Because, you know, there's a presidential election in close to nine months that Democrats will be sending a candidate too.


For a party so concerned about disabilities, equality, and ABOVE ALL election security, here we sit watching the Democrat primary polling app shut down, and now see reports that people with disabilities weren't even allowed to fucking vote.

Trump is president, and for anyone playing the blame game, there is one place the blame needs to be placed, and one place only.

Democrats not only can't beat Trump, they continue doing everything in their power to show they aren't even competent to nominate an opponent for November.

At this rate they really are going to send Hillary up there for a three-peat defeat.

And this is before I even mention the fact that they are trying to screw Bernie in July at the DNC convention.

I mean what world is Democrat leadership living in.

I wouldn't get worked up if Trump got removed.

Frankly, I am at a point right now where I'm pretty well indifferent about who sits in the oval office because I see it as more a symbolic job.

However, that is a story for another day.

But after watching everything monday night, I think it is time to just give Donald 2020 out of spite and force all these idiots sit through this for another 4 years.

Maybe you'll be ready in 2024.





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