The People Vs. O.J. Simpson Rewatch - Ep. 9

And now we've put O.J.s body on trial, using a fucking workout video as proof that his body is arthritic and incapable of movement to kill.

Audio tapes idea gets shot down quickly.

Hard to understand witness speaking in maybe German. Then Cochrane blows up about using racial profiling to label voice. And now grandstanding.

And now Cochrane has pushed Darden far enough that he breaks.

Here's something I really want to know. One, how serious are judges when they say they will hold someone in contempt. And what does that actually mean. It seems like a highly stereotypical thing for a judge to say, but it just does not come across as anything terribly concerning for someone in the court.

The defense team meeting about the audio tapes, and the ensuing argument over why a failed screen writer can teach screen writing was another great moment.

I feel like Shapiro stepping down from the North Carolina trip was a power trip for him to feel like the lead inspector in the case back in LA.

Why can't the defense get all of the tapes. Cochrane is finally fed up with something that has basis in fact when he reads the transcripts of the tapes. Somehow Bailey looks like the savior of the defense team.

How the hell did Bailey just turn it on like that? Wow.

The Fuhrman tapes are stunning. Moreover, they are now what has more than likely destroyed the prosecutions case. And Gill Garcetti is attempting to run for public offic how the hell.

Fuhrman hates blonde women and hates Ito's wife specifically. These tapes are explosive. How stupid can grown adults be?

Ito's wife lied to get him on the case, something forshadowed long ago. Ito grand standing about his wife and about the public comments towards his wife seems very poorly thought out in the situation Ito was in, but at this point anything goes.

The future of this case has to be decided by another. fucking. judge. I mean what is going on.

Marcia seems resigned to fall on her sword.

Shapiro is somehow fighting for something bigger than himself which seems weird to me because hes so self centered so obviously its grandstanding. Now you have Darden blowing up on Marcia in the elevator over Fuhrman, and being an even bigger problem. This is off the rails.

And now Cochrane grand standing with the tapes to push for investigation of the police department, threatening to set off a powder keg in LA.

Marcia has been forced to slaughter herself in the court of public appeals by keeping the tapes out of the case. Dressed in all red ironically.

Robert Kardashian comforting Juice even after he claimed he was done with him.

Darden has lost his mind completely. He can't tell where he stands anymore in his life or with his alliances. Ito needs to take Darden out of the trial. Prosecution is sunk. This trial is over.

What the hell has the court case become. We aren't even talking about O.J. anymore because this has gone well beyond that. "Shall I take off my watch and jewelry."

This prosecution team knows it is dead in the water.

This seems like Johnny Cochrane is defending himself. Really, this show has gotten out of hand. This is more about racial injustice than it is about the deaths of two people at the hands of O.J. Simpson.

Cochrane is unhinged. Shapiro is playing for some hidden greater cause. This has all become rather confusing.

Fuhrman coming back into court is a crazy difficult moment for a lot of people, one that was well captured by the makers of this series.

And now Darden is gone. He just does not care anymore. He obviously cares, but he does not care about the rules of the court room.

Mark Fuhrman asserting his 5th amendment priviledge when asked if he manufactured evidence is another wild turn is this entire case. And now Marcia is staring down the barrel of the decesased's families.

O.J. really believes he is innocent. Or just is acting convincingly in public.

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