The People Vs. O.J. Simpson Rewatch - Ep. 8

Jury is in disarray to begin the episode. They are tired and ready to be done with this case.

This insight into how the jury was living and what they were doing in their free time is amazing. I cannot imagine the amount of stress and frustration they were feeling during this time.

I also wondered what would happen if a celebrity got chosen to be on that panel. How insane. A celebrity jury for a celebrity crime case.

I cannot believe there were police officers being forced to basically babysit the jury, and help them to decide what to watch on a T.V. This is crazy. Follow that clip with the scene of O.J. playing cards with skittle chips in the jail cell with friends. I cannot believe this is even a real case.

The image of O.J. wearing gloves was followed by the nerd trying to explain DNA evidence to a jury on the fritz. This case is over, obviously. But wow what an immediate turnaround.

Funny part here is that the DNA evidence should be completely damning, but it still feels like O.J. will be aquitted. This statement means more in the relationship of Robert Kardashian and Orenthal James Simpson.

The feel of this show as it has gone on now is that it's no longer about how O.J. will be sentenced in the trial. It's about whether or not O.J.'s best friend actually believes he didn't kill Nicole. And O.J. now obviously feels threatened by Rob's line of questioning.

Turned into a horror flick real quick.

And jurors are now kissing ass with cops overseeing them.

One of the jurors was jailed for kidnapping?! WTF. This is an actual nightmare. A living breathing nightmare. A failure in the system. This is embarassing to the american political system.

And now the jury is racially profiling each other, once again making the whole trial about race and not facts.

Does Robert Kardashian actually have a real job. And does the defense team actually believe what they are saying now? Or can they just ignore facts because they are winning the case in the minds of the jury.

Big white man finally stops playing JV in the jury and gets a seat at the table.

Holy shit this DNA specialist for the defense is the best member of the whole trial team. He is absolutely blowing apart the witness and embarassing him on the stand. This is remarkable.


Marcia finally hit a tipping point. Case has finally been lost entirely. Money beats the system every time.

Another juror is getting tossed out! This is getting wild.

Bailey straight face trying to say it wasn't rape beacsue they were married.

And Marcia still has a heart beat. She's either being shady, or shes getting lucky, either way shes getting tougher and more badass every so often.

Annnnnd another one bites the dust. This is crazy weird. And another. And then the actual song. And another juror. They won't make it through the trial.

Ito just flaming people left and right.

And now the demon is in the jury. This is too wild.

A letter about a white female juror shopping a book. Ito losing his temper. This is coming down to the wire. I would love to know what the game odds on this trial were over the length of it. Like an adds at winning graph. And Judge Ito getting flamed.

The scene with the juror crying about shopping times at Target versus Ross and her claim that black people prefer to shop at Ross followed by Cochrane agreeing with her is just fantastic.

Now the jury is refusing to show up in court. This whole process is a nightmare. And the all black outfitting of the jury. This is a journalists wet dream.

Judge Ito being put on notice.

The jury has gone off the rails and are now dictating the trial. O.J. turns now to blow up on Johnny. How does Bob Shapiro feel like the calming factor in the group. O.J. pushing for himself to be on the stand and it's a realistic conversation. This feels like playing with fire.

This jury has turned into a complete nightmare. One juror went completely off the deep end insane.

Trying to put O.J. on the stand would have been a complete nightmare. A total disaster for the defenses case.

Kris Jenner was heartless for about 10 seconds before she finally turned around. Robert Kardashian doesn't trust O.J. but he won't leave the defense team for fear of convicting O.J.

Audio recording of Fuhrman using the N word.

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