The People Vs. O.J. Simpson Rewatch - Ep. 7

Marcia changed her hair again. Shapiro fighting Gill over fears of Rodney Hood 2.0.

The mid trial fax from Alan Derschowitz cannot be a real life event.

Darden senses the case slipping away. Using crazy theories and leading the jury's mind away from the real events.

Holy shit Johnny Cochrane getting called the fuck out. How is this real. Someone literally wrote this whole fucking story.

Cops searching through Nicole's stuff again. Moment where O.J.'s kids ask the detectives if they are helping her daddy find the person who hurt her mommy.

Nicole bought the gloves! And they still somehow fucked this up! The defense is on the ropes. How could this possibly go bad for the prosecution? Oh yeah, O.J. tried on the gloves.

Chris and Marcia going on a weekend date to Oakland.

Bob Shapiro with the police solidarity pin. How did O.J. not kill him too?

Bob Shapiro once again trying to settle, accusing Robert Kardashian carried out the murder weapon. Johnny Cochrane's life falling apart.

Robert Kardashian checking the bag, how real is this. Rob is beginning to question O.J. even more.

How the fuck did this defense team make it out alive? O.J. now staring down Bob Shapiro yelling and screaming back and forth. And while O.J. is just laying into Bob, how is this security guard not leaking all of this to the press. Money mine.

Prosecution out partying with all of Darden's friends. Navy Seal training show is an interesting perspective.

Marcia sounds so much more confident out of the courtroom. Why is it that when she steps in the court room she shuts down. Camera shy? The media really was living directly in her head during this trial. She knows her facts.

Intimate weekend ruined the relationship between Darden and Marcia. Then he says "we should go for it". Darden just cost them. But then I have the power of hindsight.

Defense wants O.J. to now try on gloves, beating Christopher to the punch. He's gonna get jumpy. Bailey tempting him. They are in his head big time. Chris just got mentally bullied by Cochrane. This is stunning. I feel like watching the theatrical version of this event is intense than it was on T.V., but holy fuck this is nuts.

The moment that saved O.J.

But just like that, Bob Shapiro is back in the game.

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