The People Vs. O.J. Simpson Rewatch - Ep. 6

Marcia Clark divorce.

How in the hell can the lead prosecutor be late to the trial of the century. Marcia Clark and the LA district attorneys office continue to ruin any chance to get O.J.

O.J. grabbing Nicole's crotch. Defense team active.

At this point, is the case even about O.J.? So many side plots happening.

The trial of Marcia Clark's clothing. Who is she? Why were people so negative towards her.

Changing of the narrative and the story. Some of my early questions at the procedure for crime investigations.

Crucial crime scene evidence placed in the back of a detectuve's car. Bob Shapiro off the top rope talking about this being the only time said detective had ever taken evidence home.

Why does Marcia push so hard for Fuhrman to take the stand.

Sterling Brown is amazing. Christopher Darden is such an interesting character in this whole circus.

Marcia / Darden dancing in the office midtrial is another surreal moment.

The witness hearing on grounds for allowing a change in order, followed by Marcia's continued child issues.

Marcia being called out by her boss in front of everyone and apparently being bullied into working.

Cochrane shooting low with the child care shot, using women's rights. This whole O.J. case is a competition of minorities.

Mrs. Lopez busted lying about trying to get out of the country, Marcia has her dead to rights.

Johnny Cochrane history of sex abuse. Marcia Clark versus her former husband and their kids.

Cochrane begging on his knees to keep his ex out of the public aspect of the trial, and following the Lopez testimony, Cochrane has been faltering.

O.J. pretending to be in charge in these court proceedings, now wanting to be involved heavily. Bob Shapiro becoming court team bitch.

Another clash of black on black between Darden and newspaper. White clown with the huge glasses, "excuse me for interrupting this black thing".

Judge Ito turning into a real question mark before people learn about his personal question mark. "Good morning Mrs. Clark..... I think."

Fuhrman finally appears in court to testify.

The use of the N word, and it's label as the most powerful word in the english language being used to impale Fuhrman.

Fuhrman former marine. The fake glove and Marcia accusing the defense of lying.

Mr. Bailey dick joke because glove was size small. Finally goes after Fuhrman for use of the N word.

Marcia naked on a beach?! What more could this case offer. And it's even real. This case in insane.

Marcia breaking down on live T.V. following her learning of the image.

Why does the prosecution feel like they are stranded on an island with no help?

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