The People Vs. O.J. Simpson Rewatch - Ep. 5

Johnny Cochrane becoming the star of this miniseries is everything I could ever hope for out of a miniseries. The racial profiling / celebrity profiling of Johnny being pulled over at the beginning, the summoning of holy powers to help Johnny get through the case, and much of this being broadcast, along with the inclusion of a black prosecutor just sets up episode 5 as quite possibly the most interesting yet.

Meanwhile, Bob Shapiro throwing a hissy fit keeps this show drama filled in a case thats already infused with the drama of O.J. Simpson's life and the in fighting of the whole defense team.

The discomfort of Christopher Darden at being added to the prosecution along with the issues working with the LAPD while working to get Marcia her conviction came to a head in her office when Darden voiced his concerns about using Fuhrman as a witness in the trial.

Then you have the judge showing fan mail from Arsenio Hall? What the hell is going on here. How did no level headed human beings have a hand in this. At this point, Chrisopher Darden is the only person I have faith in, even if he comes across as jaded and too trusting when going uo again Cochrane.

Something obvious at this stage in trial is why the proseution felt they could argue to include the history of O.J. while ignoring the history of Mark Fuhrman, the racist cop.

The removal of the N word from the court case.

"Nigga please". What a moment. The back and forth of Cochrane and Darden is now my favorite part of this case. Not for any other reason than it shows a new side of the case, a new side of the judicial process, and an insight into the difficulties faced by a black man who wishes to serve the country.

Darden has been placed in a situation where he sees a man who is fully guilty, going up against a community he belongs to that is seeing O.J. as another black man being inequally punished by the same police department who beat Rodney King for no reason.

The Shapiro office forgot to submit 12 witnesses and now they are being illegally submitted? What is Johnny up to.

Heart attack in court? What is happening here. This whole trial is a joke right? I can't imagine what experiencing this in the moment, with the image of O.J. that people had going into the case, would feel like. What a circus.

Darden's big break seems so obviously like a killing stroke to his career, but I also have the power of hindsight.

Who is this thick glasses clown that knows so much about the court case and is always seated front row? He must be important because he was appointed by the judge for emotional support to the Brown family.

Johnny Cochrane, the fix it man with all the artwork.

Maybe it is Courtney B. Vance in the way he portays Johnny Cochrane, or maybe its the personality of Cochrane that Vance impersonates, but there is something about him that makes you feel confident he is there for you, and will do whatever it takes to help you.

O.J. once again portrayed as the white black man.

The destruction of the scene at Nicole Brown Simpson's house. Why the hell would it be empty.

O.J. snapping at Darden in his back yard.

Marcia using Darden as a pawn, but is afraid to admit that.

Mark Fuhrman is a Nazi.

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