The People Vs. O.J. Simpson Rewatch - Ep. 4

"Black women hate their men marrying white women."

This whole expereince so far has just been hearing more about how O.J. Simpson wasn't actually a black man, but just a white man in a black man's body.

The run of your life by O.J. Simpson should be a book, not just a quote by Johnny Cochrane.

The trial of one judge's life already becoming a nightmare because his partner the cop is clearly lying about her involvement with officers in the case. This whole things feels like it was run by a 3 year old.

Nicole's bestfriend the coke head and the Brentwood hello. This book deal is mind numbing.

Episode 4 dives into a lot of side stories, including the death of Ron Goldman, the other person killed by O.J. Simpson that night.

The split of sample jurors is crazy. Black people said O.J. was innocent, white people said O.J. is guilty. Marsha Langman is a "bitch", a real know it all, shifty. Poor woman was put in a situation where she wanted a conviction with the cards stacked against her.

Parts of this episode may as well have been the trial of Marsha Langman.

Gold digger Nicole Brown Simpson.

O.J. watching Nicole sleep with other men.

The tell all book affecting the trial.

The fighting amongst the deffense team just shows how impossible a not guilty verdict would have been for O.J., and yet he somehow made it out. This minseries just shows how ridiculous this whole case is.

"When did they get a black guy."

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