The People Vs. O.J. Simpson Rewatch - Ep. 3

Talk about surrealism, watching the Kardashian family eating lunch as kids and a relatively unknown family is insane. Hearing abut the marriage to Bruce and the popularity that came from the O.J. Simpson case just makes this family more surreal to me.

Then you have the growing presence of Johnny Cochrane as they grow the "Dream Team". His claim that he only takes winners, only to be convinced by his wife that this case is too important for good publicity.

The icing on the cake is once again, the police being made to look stupid because they employ racist officers which ends up creating a window for the defense to win. The fact that Mark Fuhrman sued the city for creating bigotry in his mind is just stunning not because it was included in the trial, but because it was only one in a long line of crazy moments in this mans career.

"I'm not black, I'm O.J."

This is right before Johnny Cochrane is prank called by "O.J.", who is not in fact the man himself, which again does beg the question how would someone get a famous lawyer's number like that. But I suppose it's just that easy.

The back and forth between Kris and Rob Kardashian is an interesting wrinkle.

With the emergence of the Nicole Brown 911 phone calls, I continue wondering how people couldn't believe O.J. was a killer. You have Alan Derschowitz claiming he would do anything to get off. Robert Kardashian trying to convince O.J. the cop was racist when O.J. didn't want to make the case about race.

Somtimes it just takes 3 legal greats to get you aquitted of murder.

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