The People Vs. O.J. Simpson Rewatch - Ep. 2

Robert Kardashian's true love and faith in O.J. Simpson is something I'm sure will continue to shock me over the course of this, a relationship I felt was really well portrayed by David Schwimmer.

This whole episode is just a wild ride. No pun intended.

I wonder how accurate this episode is at times, because some of this is just pretty surreal. In a lot of ways, this moment was very surreal for everyone watching live.

O.J. visiting his dead ex-wife's grave was the start of this surrealism. The complete disregard for the situation he was in is stunning if this moment actually took place.

The there is Robert Shapiro casually throwing a press conference to announce that O.J. Simpson is dead while also hyping himself up, followed promptly by him cruising home rocking to some Jazz/ R&B music. Upon learning O.J. is still alive, he says, "Good for you O.J., good for you."

You also have Robert Kardashian announcing to the whole Simpson family that O.J. is probably dead right before they see the car chase on T.V.

While I know some of this is doctored in the timeline for affect, it still is crazy to imagine anyone on that team thought making that announcement before they had confirmation was a good idea.

But what has to take the cake for this episode is the reality that the entire chase of O.J. around L.A. was him trying to find a place to kill himself. The dark juxtiposotion of these scenes, coupled with the light hearted clips of O.J. apologizing to the police for wasting their time makes this episode actually seem more like a scripted drama than real life.

Something about drama in pop culture makes people lose their mind, which became abundantly clear watching all these O.J. fans encourage him to evade the police because that makes so much sense.

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