The People Vs. O.J. Simpson Rewatch - Ep. 10

Ito has been bullied numerous times throughout this case by Cochrane.

O.J. finally takes the stand. His speach is impressively well rounded. The gets the verbal shake down from marcia daring him to take the stand.

Prosecution is making factual arguments but they will never hold water with the jury.

Cochrane going headlong at the idea that O.J. is proud of things he has done, and essentially admitting he had done things is another wild turn.

Adolf Hitler has once again found his way into the murder trial of O.J. Simpson.

"If it doesn;t fit, you must acquit."

Shapiro has been mistreated by the defense team one too many times it would seem.

There seems to be some obvious call outs about who believes O.J. is guilt.

Jury is very set in their ways, but come to a verdict. Ito's "are you shitting me" is amazing.

The guard defending O.J., and telling him he has been a pleasure and then asking for a signature is wild. The guard then assuring O.J. of the verdict is even crazier.

Darden asking if they won with a smile on his face is almost heart breaking.

The real life video of people waiting for the O.J. verdict is crazy surreal.

What a split in public appeal, this is insane. And Robert Kardashian knows he messed up.

Not Guilty is still insane.

Post verdict presser by the prosecution is a dog with its tail between it's legs and hard to watch. Then Darden breaks down with the families. And someone asks Gill if they are going to look for the real killer now.

Chris / Cochrane show down.

Marcia and Chris are both done with the system of law. Marcia is trying to convince Chris to stay but is leaving in the same stroke.

O.J. joking about driving in a Bronco just shows he does not care. And his car is followed by helicopters wondering how O.J.'s community reacts to his return.

O.J. gets out and immediately wants to throw a major party, only to be greated by people who hate O.J. because they believe he is guilty. The reality of him being a black man in an all white community has sunk in for him.

Scenes alone with O.J., the gravity of the case hitting him, breaking down alone in his home, crying at the magnitude.

Robert Shapiro once again covering his own ass on television, and then O.J. actually throwing a party post verdict just seems questionable at best.

O.J. has lost all of his former friends, the white folks he associated with in Brentwood.

O.J. claiming to be in pursuit of Nicole and Mr. Goldman's killer. What a psychopath.

O.J. knows Robert is done with him completely. And now his former friends and places are turning him down because of the infamy that came with the court procedings.

Here's a collective list of where are they now from ABC News.

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