The Past: Done, Gone, and Time To Move On

On today's show we talked about the idea of misremembering the past and how many times we can be drawn into the trap of believing that we want to go back to old times, like high school. How often have you thought maybe it would be better to go back to a point in your life again.

For some reason, this topic struck a chord with me. Maybe because I myself have been there plenty of times.

How can you not? Did you see Matthew Perry in 17 Again?

I don't have the kids to worry about, I could go right back to highschool and be fine. But then would I actually.

This is such a cliché topic honestly. How often are we told not to live in the past, only learn from it and move on. Every other inspirational quote on the internet in someway revolves around learning from your mistakes.

We get it. The past isn't a bad thing. What happens if you then make your past into too much of a good thing. What if the pain of moments in your past becomes white noise, over taken by the positive psychological impact of those moments.

Caught in the whirlwind of adulthood, newborns, new jobs, it can be easy to wish to go back to a simpler time. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me to enjoy high school because they would be the easiest days of my life, I wouldn't be here writing this.

What we forget in these memories, and what we forget about ourselves, is that by nature we have an inherited desire to avoid pain and hurt, rather seeking to be happy and at peace with outselves. At least that applies for most people.

Twisting the facts of past events can be a byproduct of this.

When life gets you down, you look back and realize that the things that once seemed important or impossible to overcome, now look childish in the face of new bigger problems. But perspective turns to pretext as we continue to draw on the positive emotions of these moments.

And you will realize at some point that the moment you are living in now is not the end all be all that you think it is. When placed in greater perspective, you can understand that this challenge like any other is solvable.

You truly risk losing out on the moment if you allow the past to be the drug that helps forget the present.

Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend everyone.

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