The Miami Heat just Keep Winning

This Miami Heat team is special, that's the only way to put that. Nobody expected this team to be in the finals, except for the Miami Heat.

The Heat coasted through the East as a five seed, and when I say coasted, they were on cruise control. The Heat lost a total of three games over three series with an average win total of 8.5 points.

After their sweep of the Pacers, the Heat were supposed to be going home after their date with the Bucks. They showed very early on in that series why they went 3-1 against the Bucks in the regular season, the Bucks simply could not run the Heat off the three-point line. The Heat also had really good defensive matchups for the deadly 1-2 of Giannis and Middleton with Bam Adebayo and Jimmy Butler. This series should've been another sweep, but the Bucks stole a game in Game 4 before being closed out in five.

This set up the first ever Conference Finals in the NBA without a one or a two seed with the Celtics. The Celtics were a team that should've given the Heat a lot of problems with their length and athleticism, but it didn't. Young stars Tyler Herro and Bam Adebayo were the difference in this series time and time again. Bam came up with the block of the bubble in Game 1 to secure the Heat victory, and Herro exploded for 37 points in 35 minutes in Game 4 to get the Heat a 3-1 lead. The Celtics simply had no answer for either of these two all series and that is the reason they are arriving in Boston this morning.

Jimmy Butler is the superstar of this team, but that is hardly the role he plays on a nightly basis. Butler is a nuisance to say the least defensively and typically takes on the most difficult assignment on the perimeter. If he is not doing this, he is roaming and getting in passing lanes setting up easy points. All of this effort on defense takes some away from his consistency on offense, but he picks his spots well. Butler rarely dominates the ball on offense, but does it effectively when he does. He is a proven closer and was huge down the stretch of many games during this run.

The thing that makes this team so special is that you never know who will burn your defense. I have already mentioned Herro, Adebayo and Butler, but I haven't said anything about Goran Dragic, Duncan Robinson, Jae Crowder or even Andre Iguodala.

All of these guys can knock down four or five triples on any night if they are not checked and can be the difference in any game.

I am not going to sit here and say that the Heat should beat the Lakers in The Finals, but you can't sit here and tell me that they don't have any chance. Lebron and AD are going to be very difficult to handle for this undersized Heat team, but Eric Spoelstra and this Heat team are not going to shy away from this moment.

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