The Luck of the Cardinals (In October)

Once again the Cardinals are going to be successful in October. Once again they will win some games. Hell, they might even win a series or two! And Once again, that will be considered a reasonable, albeit just short of expected season, in which the front office chose to make absolutely zero moves.

Let me refresh you on what the management team did this year to improve the roster for a post season run:

I mean "Deal With It" is right.

As the always reliable Derrick Goold (not sarcasm on my part) wrote, once again the Cardinals did not play a significant role in the trade deadline nor did they even attempt to feign interest this year citing COVID-19 related roster issues as the cause.

And here we have us walking like a deer in a headlights into the post season having stumbled blindly into a spot and hardly making up enough games to even qualify to begin with. Because let me not fail to mention that this team missed at least a week or more due to positive COVID-19 testing.

Plus we have to face the upstart Padres who have shown people a lot this year in my opinion.

They have a young lineup that is in a lot of ways anchored by the veteran prescence of Eric Hosmer (.287 BA) and Manny Machado (.377 BA), along with quality veteran bats in Wil Meyers (.288 BA) and Tommy Pham (.211 BA), a name Cardinals fans will remember well. That lineup enough has made me throw in the white flag on this series.

Then you talk about a young man by the name of Fernando Tatis Jr. who has made this team must watch TV, both with his exiciting on field play and side show antics, and the lineup is it. You look and say to yourself, "not a chance in hell the Cardinals beat this team".

And I haven't even talked about pitching where the Padres have Dinelson Lamet who has posted a 2.09 ERA in his season while Mike Clevinger for his part has been a reliable 2.78 in a much smaller sample size following his trade from Cleveland. Both of these mainstays along with Zach Davies and an exciting lineup that should nuke the Cardinals in the first round.... well that makes for a real stab at the World Series even if it falls short this particular year.

But alas, not so fast says the October gods.

Now, here we sit in a series with an exciting young team in the Padres that has watched two of their primary rotation guys in Clevinger and Lamet disappear from availibility in the post season and made their chances at beating us much longer and much more impossible to overcome.

And now, for the second year in a row, we are going to watch this Cardinals team stab at moderate post season success, call it good, and walk away feeling happy. I would argue that in the next three years, if Mo doesn't bring back a world series his head has to be on the chopping block. And I mean it.

Without reliable pitching, this Cardinals offense can do some damage. Missing two really important starting arms is incalculable, and with Dylan Carlson showing up and doing what everyone expected, suddenly this lineup looks scary. You add in Goldschmidt and that's a three four combo that can give you some runs.

Then you have Mr. Kim, fresh off his signing out of the KBO who has dealt it from the left side of the rubber - now facing a team who has never seen him - follow that with Flaherty - a yearly Cy Young caliber guy - and another resurgent year from Waino and.... yep you guessed it, we can make some noise.

All while watching Ozuna rake in Atlanta. Why didn't that happen in STL I wonder? I digress.

And when the dust settles, we will rest on our laurels and find no protection for Carlson and Goldschmidt in the lineup, and find no bullpen help for guys who are year after year over-used. But we won a few games in October right?

FML. Although I know I sound privileged complaining about things like this but hey, life as a Cardinals fan I guess.

Cardinals-Padres on ESPN2 at 4 PM, let's see if I am right.

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