The Experts Couldn't Have Been More Wrong

Dating back to Lamar Jackson's rookie season, experts have been talking about how Baltimore is building this powerhouse run offense that is going to be the Chief's kryptonite. We learned again last night that this statement is not only false, but the truth is that Mahomes and this Chiefs offense is the Ravens kryptonite.

We have actually learned this the last two times these teams have faced, but some seemed to have forgotten. The Chiefs offense has been way too explosive in the passing game, and they have been able to strike for huge plays. Mecole Hardman has now burned the Ravens secondary two games in a row for huge touchdowns. Tyreek Hill has proven to be a huge mismatch, and Travis Kelce led the team in both receptions and yards last night.

To make up for all of these mismatches, Harbaugh decided to blitz Mahomes on virtually every play. The only problem with this is that Mahomes is the best quarterback in the NFL, especially against the blitz. He torched the Ravens defense for over 200 yards against the blitz last night. This strategy was laughable by the end of the game because the blitzes were not getting home all game.

These blitzes were not getting home because Andy Reid had his best game coaching as a Chief. The Ravens defense had allowed one screen pass completion for -2 yards going into Monday night. Andy was effectively able to run screens all game, including an underhand screen pass to the Sausage, and a leak out screen to Eric Fisher.

On the other side, Lamar Jackson was extremely underwhelming. He broke loose for a 30+ yard run on the first drive of the game, but then the Ravens offense disappeared until the 4th quarter. Lamar Jackson now sits at 0-3 against the Chiefs and 21-1 against the rest of the NFL in his 3 seasons, not including the playoffs. Another pretty gross stat is Lamar fell to 0-5 in his career when trailing by 10+ points. I feel it's unfair to mention this alongside, but Mahomes had won 4 consecutive games that he trailed by 10+ points in all of them.

The Chiefs are going to continue to be a huge problem for the Ravens because the Chiefs play the same football game whether they are up two scores or down two scores. This can not be said about the Ravens because they turn into a completely different offense when down two scores. Lamar Jackson turns into a passer, which he struggles in mightily when the defense expects the pass. He threw for 97 passing yards in a game where he was dropping back to throw all night. This is a huge concern for Baltimore.

This is such an issue for the Ravens due to the fact that the Chiefs are not going away anytime soon in the AFC. This great team could never see a Super Bowl if they are never able to get through the Chiefs. This should be something that terrifies the city of Baltimore, and I absolutely love it!

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