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About 3 months ago, I had an idea for a class project that, with the encouragement of professors, turned into the website an podcasting operation you see today. Our growth in terms of content has continued at a rapid rate, but now we are looking to take it a step further. So far, those of you who follow us have seen podcasts, blog posts, social media and social media video content from games. Going forward, we want to bring in some new content and different styles of content, along with improving what we already have. We are currently working on bringing in more and more people to help grow the network to help improve upon your content. We are also branching my endeavors out further to people in the Southern Illinois area. We are working on doing more coverage on local sports in that area, and am currently trying to put together a team for this. We have even tested the waters on putting out a TV show pilot season. There are lots of new things in production on our end, but we need certain things to properly bring you guys this content. And in our growth, we decided the next avenue was t-shirts. Frankly, I wanted them. But moreover, it is a way to show your support for what we are working to create here. It shows support for every single person working on shows for Big Red World, and it supports the potential for some very exciting future projects. We will continue to expand our inventory, including some more individualized show shirts, but until then, please grab one of these shirts and help support us here at Big Red World. Thank you guys for following along, we will be back new with some exciting things.

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