Stranger Things 3 - Episode 1 Review

Is it the best episode of the entire Show? No. But it does it's job in that it shows how much time has passed and what all has changed for each character. And it is indeed the summer of romance. There's not a whole lot that happens in the scheme of things, but the Duffer Brothers direction of this episodes makes you forget the lingering presence of the Mind Flayer, up until the very. last. shot.

Spoiler Warning:

I'm sold on the Eleven/Mike romance and absolutely love the relationship between Hopper and the weird place he's put when that romance becomes a little too much. My theory on him and Joyce being romantically involved is moving exactly as fast as I thought it would (shoutout Bob Newby "Superhero"). I'm loving the whole Russian Subplot so far, especially since the big question during Season 1 and 2 was, "Is it the Russians?", so great irony there Duffer Brothers. And the last little sequence with Billy, holy crap. I love the mystery surrounding the first episode, the rats, the Russian device, the slight nod to the portal re-opening, Will feeling the mind flayer's movements, it all sticks in the back of your mind but you keep forgetting because you feel for each character that's going through there own little problems. And holy 80's, when I saw the Back to the Future movie poster at the Star Court mall I almost lost it.

I'll stay up to date on each episode and let you guys know what I think.

- Nerd out.

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