Spotify Wrapped

It’s that time of the year. December, the time of the year when people flex their Spotify Wrapped screenshots and pretend they have good taste in music. Everyone and their mother has a hot take about this. Personally, I enjoy seeing these stats, it’s actually how I determine who I associate with. Although I like to see these stats, it would be wise not to post it on social media. Posting to Snapchat is one thing, but making an Instagram post or Tweet is just downright dangerous. You know that future and current employers can see this stuff right?

Anyways, I believe there are three kinds of people in this world. Those who enjoy seeing people’s Spotify Wrapped, those who have extremely basic taste in music, and those who use Apple Music. There’s no in-between. On a separate, but related note, I think it should be said that you should only post your Spotify wrapped if you actually have a unique taste in music. We can all agree that nobody wants to see that you listened to a combined 104 hours of Post Malone, Drake, Travis Scott, NBA YoungBoy, and Khalid.

Why even pay for a premium streaming service when you can tune into your local pop radio station and be content with what’s playing at any time? Don’t get me wrong, it’s perfectly fine to listen to music like this, just don’t think that you’re special because of it.

All in all, people will have their opinions on anything and everything. You do you. Live your life. Don’t let random people on the internet determine how you make your life choices.

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