Random Guy Daps Up Winnington On Highway

In the most click baity blog title of my life so far, I am taking the oppurtunity to celebrate the continuing parade in honor of THE 2019 STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS!

This random dude just jumped out in probably standstill rush hour traffic and dapped up Binnington as he was rocking down the highway. St. Louis after a championship is special, and the Blues took it to a new level of special.

Literally a year ago at this time I didn't know hockey existed.

Come January, I was deciding to podcast and pay attention to them. And in the first season following the Blues religiously, they won the Stanley Cup. Unlike most of you, I'm pissed. Every year we don't win will now be a depressing let down.

I was one of the most well timed fans. Fair weather certainly. But, luckily enough, I was around to experience this team real time at it's lowest, and real time at it's best.

And I still don't believe it happened.

What a first world problem. The Blues won the Stanley Cup. Cardinals are on track for the post season (*knock on some wood*), MLS is coming to ST. Louis. Plus whatever the XFL happens to turn itself into.

I think the bottom line here is for everyone in St. Louis who has grown to love a goofy back stop, Jordan Binnington can take the place of Yadier Molina as he enters retirement years.

I literally just didn't have enough characters to tweet this, but I love St. Louis. Happy Friday, new content coming soon. Stay tuned.

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