618 High School Huddle

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

A new home for 618 High School Sports.

As a high school athlete, one of the greatest things about Southern Illinois was the unbelievable level of sports reporting. With the advent of Twitter, it has become easier for everyone to become their own sports reporter, giving more and more kids the opportunity to be recognized for their achievements. Thanks to Jim Thompson, Scott Warren, and AJ Thompson, I have been given the opportunity to create something very cool here for sports in the 618 area code. We are looking to build a platform with the 618 High School Huddle that will retweet anyone and everyone reporting accurately and positively on high school athletics, along with covering the world of Southern Illinois athletics through podcasts and maybe even some blog posts.

In the coming months, we will be working to fully set up our operation, but there are some really cool things that are coming very immediately for this project:

The 618 High School Huddle

Coming in 2 weeks, Jim Thompson and Scott Warren will be launching the podcast 618 High School Huddle, covering all sports in the 618 area. This show will also provide special coverage for major events in the 618 world. If you have any information on high school sports, or have questions you want answered, feel free to email HSH at hshuddle618@gmail.com

618 Video Vault

This is a new concept that we are going to try and get running. One of the cool things we have an opportunity to create is a video archive from 618 sporting events by using our iPhones to become mobile reporters. While the quality of these videos may not be top notch, they will give kids an awesome opportunity to see their high lights and a great place for high school sports fans to push their personal videos out to the local community. If you guys have videos that you would like added to our Video Vault, email them in at hshuddle618@gmail.com with the subject "Video Vault". Thank you.

Have an interest in covering high school sports?

Feel free to contact us at hshuddle618@gmail.com for opportunities to come write for us. We are looking to expand our coverage, and so anyone who is willing to write articles for different games would be greatly appreciated. This is not a paid position.

Going out to a high school game?

Send us some video. We will post it up on our website and on our youtube page. Allow some time for processing.

High School Students

With our current set up, we are allowed to bring on shows at no extra cost, making it easier for us to offer some interesting opportunities for you guys. We are testing the waters on running student podcast for each school, and we are looking for some new schools to join on. If you are a student or group of students interested in possibly running a podcast about your schools sports team and big news, contact us at worldbigred@gmail.com , or text Collin Kessler at 618-954-8116

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