Nasty Nate is Staying!

I'm not surprised at all with this one. Nathan Eovaldi has chosen and agreed to return to Boston on a 4 year, $68 million contract. Eovaldi was heading into free agency as the #8 overall and #4 pitcher to sign this offseason, according to And who wouldn't want to sign this guy. What he did when we walked into the gates of Fenway was outstanding, especially during the postseason.

In late July, Dave Dombrowski (Red Sox's President) decided to trade for the 28 year old from Tampa Bay. Nathan Eovaldi needed two Tommy John surgeries to close out the 2016 season and had missed all of the 2017 season. After the 2017 season the Tampa Bay Rays exercised their option on Eovaldi for the 2018 season.

Being traded to Boston Eovaldi role was uncertain. He was a starter down in Tampa, but with a rotation like Sale, Price, Porcello, and Rodriguez it looked like the bullpen was his spot. And why not? Eovaldi was sitting upper 90s and into the 100s on his fastball. Eovaldi took his role and ran with it, especially in the postseason.

Behind David Price, Nathan Eovaldi arguably could have been the best pitcher in the whole postseason. What he did for the Boston Red Sox whether he came out of the bullpen or started the game was electrify. For it being his first postseason appearance in his career he did not shy away from the spotlight. Nathan Eovaldi didn't give a damn who he was playing or faceing in the box. He stood on that mound with balls of steel.

Nathan Eovaldi was given the ball for game 3 of the ALDS against the New York Yankees and at Yankee Stadium. What a time and place for your first postseason start. But Eovaldi gave no fucks. After the Yankees took game 2 with a 6-2 final, I wasn't sure how game 3 would play out. But thanks to Aaron Judge in his attempt to "troll" Boston after game 2 with playing "New York, New York" it lit a fire. Boston came out and demolished the Yankees with a 16-1 win. The largest win in ALDS history. Eovaldi took the ball and made the "Bronx Bombers" look silly at home. Nathan Eovaldi went 7 innings, giving up only 5 hits and 1 earn run.

During the ALCS Eovaldi continued his role as a starter against the Houston Astros. Again Eovaldi took the ball with a 1-1 series. And for some reason Alex Bregman tried to troll the Boston Red Sox before game 3. I guess Bregman didn't realized what happened to Judge and the Yankees after the "Trolled" Boston. This time the troll was right for Nathan Eovaldi. Game 3 Eovaldi went 6 innings, giving up 6 hits and 2 earn runs. In game 5 Nathan Eovaldi took to the bullpen going 1.1 inning and giving up only a hit.

Then the big stage came, the mother fucking WORLD SERIES!! Nathan Eovaldi took on the role of the high pressure situation. Game 1, Eovaldi was the bridge to Craig Kimbrel going 1 inning hitless and scoreless. Shutting down Kemp, Hernandez, and Puig. Game 2 he went another hitless and scoreless, being the bridge to Kimbrel once again. Then came the best performance out of the bullpen in world series history. Big dick Eovaldi came into game 3 with a 2-2 tie in the 12th inning.

Nasty Nate went 6 strong in the late Los Angeles night. For 6 innings he gave up only 3 hits and unfortunately, one of those where the game winning hit. But fuck that, his performance in that game shouldn't have given him the lost. To go into extra innings with the dodgers and go 6 inning without a run in the World Series is something no pitcher has ever done.

Bring back Nathan Eovaldi was huge. Whether he is in the bullpen being the high press pitcher like in the World Series or a start will solidify the pitching staff. In my opinion Eovaldi was the #1 free agent they wanted. Machado doesn't fit and there is no room for Harper. The Boston Red Sox needs to strengthen an already incredible pitching staff and they did just that with resigning Nathan Eovaldi.

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