My Serious Phone Addiction

What happens when primary functions of your phone stop working.

I recently had to undergo the issue of losing my iPhone's flashlight capbility for as of yet to be determined reasons.

This has become an issue worth blogging on because I never realized just how important the FLASHLIGHT function of my phone was.

What did I ever do without my iPhone? I am literally addicted to a flashlight app.

I truly felt lost stumbling through my house with no lights on trying to find the bathroom in the late hours of the night recently. Now you might say, "Hey idiot, turn on your house lights".

And while this is a legitimate request, when it's 3 A.M. and you are trying to just get out of bed safely, house lights aren't always an option.

As a college kid, it is super helpful for the sake of this story for you the reader to understand something: my room is a mess.

And when I say mess, I mean empty food containers, empty bags of food, food just blatantly sitting on the floor, just food really.

Now add in that we are currently cleaning the carpets in my house because of my food habit, so not only am I being a disgusting human in a new area, I no longer have the muscle memory of how to make it out of my room without lights on.

So, like any sensible person, I rolled out of the bed I was in, and crawled on all fours to the bathroom so as not to hurt myself.

Point here is: how the hell did I become so dependent on my iPhone flashlight. Technology is a terrifying tool.

Keep this blog in mind the next time you take an iPhone feature for granted. Some of you Snap Chatters know what I mean.

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