Jon Stewart: American Treasure Vol. 1

*The following is an opinion piece, and not in anyway considered to be "real journalism". Read at your own "risk"*

Thank God for Jon Stewart.

I would have legitimately said this even before he went on Stephen Colbert's show last night and started ranting on about the lab leak theory.

This is for a lot of reasons, including all of the old head to head fights Jon Stewart would have with the likes of Fox News talents Bill O'Reilley or Tucker Carlson, dismantling Tucker on his own show which was canceled shortly thereafter.

Jon Stewart has been one of the few Democrats - or maybe he's even just become a left leaning moderate - to actually understand how to beat Conservative ideas and arguments in a debate format.

Jon Stewart was also the man who a few years ago marched to Capital Hill, sat before Congress, and not only pleaded but demanded for help to be given to all the first responders of 9/11 who had been finding it hard going to get the financial support necessary to treat conditions directly resulting from those long days in September of 2001.

Yet among all of these and more reasons to love Jon Stewart, I say this today because Jon Stewart acknowledging the value of a Trump era political position on late night television has truly shown just how "Never Trump"/"Only Trump" politics became since 2016.

Moreover, I feel like it shows just how willing Democrats were to ignore the truth in favor of getting the Donald out of office (not like Republicans weren't just as willing to lie to keep his ass in office). Fair enough I guess. Not like it wasn't obvious the decks were being stacked a certain way as best they could be. And honestly, if you truly think someone poses an apoplectic threat to America then I'd absolutely hope every last one of us would stop at nothing to protect our democracy.

Unfortunately, over the last year or so we have shown just how incapable every last one of us is at deciding when a threat is world ending or just a minor road bump. No, it's not all of you so to the snobs at home saying to themselves as they read this blog, "We'll I don't know what he's talking about, I know exactly how to react to everything", then I simply ask that you call to mind the images of people buying mass quantities of toilet paper unironically and with a ruthlessness reminiscient of black friday shoppers.

And no, for the record, I'm not an ass hurt conservative. In fact, I was largely okay with voting Trump out of office in November. Unfortunately, what I was not okay with was the complete lack of effort or overall complacency with which the Democratic party has operated with over the last four plus years.

I mean I thought Paul Ryan giving up his role as Speaker of the House after having years to design a healthcare bill that turned out to be worse than ObamaCare was as bad as it gets, but after watching their supporters literally having mental breakdowns on television following the election of Donald Trump, Democrats nominated and elected Joe Biden who has been nothing short of a nonstop mental breakdown himself.

I'm not saying Joe and Jill aren't friendlier or kinder than the Trump's, but I'm also not ignoring things like Hunter Biden using the n-word in casual conversation which very clearly implies habitual usage, and the usual outrage crowd said nothing. In fact, that same crowd is probably the same group dragging Lin Manuel Miranda for a lack of diversity in his new movie In the Heights (a movie I rather enjoyed for those who cared to know).

I'd actually almost guaruntee based on that text conversation - in which Hunter also name drops Hennessy which is a stereotype of the African American community - that there's a Morgan Wallen style video of a loaded up Hunter being racist to someone, somewhere.

The point is, how many shortcomings must we accept with President Biden before we start acknowledging that, "Hey, the last two Presidents have been dog shit, the two before that were luke warm at best

Not to mention he nominated for Vice President the only female woman of color - who claims ethnicity in both the African American and Asian American communities - who could actually turn away progressive, liberal, and democrat voters alike.

So yes, I do deeply enjoy the fact that there are Democrats upset that Jon Stewart made funny about the fact that maybe - I mean just MAYBE - there is a chance that the same country now lying about a leaking nuclear powerplant might not be totally upfront about potentially creating a virus that shut down the entire world.

Stop the presses.

Trump might have been right about something. A blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes, no matter how much Columbian Chrystal you think he's on.

I read an article that I will link to here, but the lead scientist in the Wuhan Lab - which I just have to add literally studied the coronavirus, not to mention that Wuhan was the birth place of the whole pandemic - is now responding to some of the claims the pandemic originated from her lab. Not surprisingly, she's adamant her lab had no responsibility in creating the pandemic.

*For the record, this would probably be a great time to contextualize this blog by saying a couple of things: Number one, yes I know the scientist in question, Shi Zhengli, is a pulitzer winning scientist who has a long reputation of impactful work both in the states and abroad in the field of virology or viral disease study.

Number two, while I understand what this scientist is saying is meant to be based in fact and nothing more than an honest defense of her country and her co-workers, I feel its far, far more likely that she is speaking under duress pushing the party line and not actually speaking honestly. Truthfully, if she had been interviewed on camera, theres a decent chance she would have started sending morse code SOS messages with her eye lids. Kidding.

Now, to be abundantly clear, I wouldn't blame her for at all because the odds are her entire family is locked up in a cave somewhere and can be murdered at a moments notice if she breaks ranks or tries to whistle blow. If you believe the New York Times article above, then likely the rest of what you can read from me in this blog will be worthless to you.

Continuing to read on knowing full well I'm liable to piss you off because we have conflicting views is not in any way my responsibility.*

So let's just go ahead and say, "okay, yeah, I buy the bat soup theory".

Let's say I believe it originated from bats in a local wet market (and let's not mention the simple fact that bats were the species of study at the Wuhan lab, a lab designed for testing and experimenting on strains of the novell coronavirus as Stewart points out, not to mention the extensive catalogue of bat capture practices documented in the New York Times Article).

Let's say that I think the Chinese government - the same government that won't allow Twitter inside it's borders and started imprisoning citizens not using the state owned social media website Weibo where they could control conversation and information in the country - is being totally transparent and honest about this virus.

I mean pardon my French but why the hell am I even playing devil's advocate for this, do I really need to list out the reasons we shouldn't trust the Chinese government? Did we forget they are just as communist and likely pose a far more dangerous threat to American sovereignty than the Russians and Putin?

What I'm asking is simple: is it not remotely plausible that a scientist in the Wuhan lab - working in close proximity to the virus - could be responsible for bringing the COVID-19 strain into said wet market and thus placing some responsibility on the lab for at least "accidentally" infecting the entire world?

This is the basic gist of Stewart's rant, which I'm sure will be saved for posterity on Colbert's YouTube channel and social media pages where he was always so quick to publish content involving him and Jon Stewart roasting Donald Trump.

And while I would say Jon's right about a lot of things, but one of my favorite parts of this rant was this:

"... We owe a debt of gratitude to science, which has in many ways helped ease the suffering of this pandemic, uh, which was more than likely caused by science..... oh my god, there's been an outbreak of chocolate-y goodness near Hershey, Pennsylvania. What do you think happened? Oh, I don't know, maybe a steam shovel mated with a cocoa bean... OR, it's the fucking chocolate factory. Maybe that's it."

There's no need for the "I believe science" crowd to come hauling ass out of the wood works over comments like Stewart's because God knows scientists have never lied EVER IN HUMAN HISTORY. Just saying.

Let's be honest with ourselves here: guys like Jon Stewart - beloved media talking heads often associated with a certain party, a la Ben Shapiro and conservatives - could very well be in some way taking cue from President Biden, who has now made it abundantly clear that his administration's stance is that there needs to be a more thourough investigation into where the Wuhan Virus originated from.

Oddly enough, in recent weeks more and more democrats have been speaking out about the Biden Administration, with one Senate Democrat saying:

"... in fact life under Trump wasn't as bad as life has been under Biden. At least when Trump was in office, we knew people were distracted and we knew anytime our seat started getting hot we could pass the buck to Donald. Now that Biden's in office, passing the buck to Biden would be tantamount to euthanizasia..."

No, obviously that's not a real quote, merely a bad joke. But it feels like a it could be a real sentiment coming from Pelosi or Schumer. I digress.

Getting back to my main point however, I for one still can't fathom that the World Health Organization went and investigated the Wuhan Lab, yet the head of WHO said their assessment was "essentially" inconclusive (his official ruling was that the rush to deem the WHO findings conclusive left out crucial tests that would actually make the findings conclusive - I paraphrased and called the findings "essentially inconclusive").

How do you send a team on-site to investigate something that has literally ravaged world economies and killed hundreds of thousands, yet still walk away anything less than certain? It couldn't possibly be true that the Chinese government is covering up the truth is it?

No, of course the Chinese Givernment wouldn't do anything like suppress the freedom of people in a sattellite nation like Hong Kong, or lie about their COVID death toll, or lie about their military actions in the South China Sea (they built up a fucking wall of military islands in unoccupiued territory, then claimed it for themselves and gained tatical military advantages over the U.S.).

I mean how do you realistically explain the Chinese government claiming less COVID deaths than IRELAND without implicating some sort of cover-up? Answer: you don't.

No, China would never censor the likes of Adam Silver or Lebron James who refused to speak out about abuses in NBA facilities in China. And they would NEVER make John Cena apologize for calling Taiwan an independent country - which it fucking is - rather than a Chinese province.

I'm curious Stephen, would you have anything to say about John Cena apologizing to "the people of China"?

What is ironic about me taking the time to write this is that 95% of the people that I'd imagine would take the time to read this already know and/or agree with what I say.

In fact, the only people still drinking the proverbial Koolaid are the ones who stand to make it big of movie or other product revenues are a smash hit in China. And it's not like John Cena actually cares about the people of China.

He certainly couldn't give two shit's about the people of Taiwan or Hong Kong. For anyone who hasn't seen it, I suggest you watch the Oscar-Nominated short documentary Do Not Split, which details the recent Hong Kong protest movement and was censored by the Chinese Government.

P.S. I wouldn't pretend to know whether this will actually be proven true or not, but it's hard for me to imagine anyone owing the Wuhan Lab scientists an "apology" for following the bread crumbs to a common sense evaluation. Actually, the fact that Anthony Fauci adamantly denied any chance Wuhan leaked the virus makes me think it's even MORE certain the virus leaked from the lab.

Fauci, that's right, I kind of forgot about him. What kind of tune is that court jester singing now?

Watch clips from Stewart's rant down below:

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