Is Space Travel a Smart Investment?

Space! The final frontier. Long have we looked up into the night sky and wondered, is there other life out there? What wonders does space exploration hold for mankind?

While Space holds the key for future discoveries and scientific exploration, the question arises of if it's worth the money that's needed to fund it.

America and the world is no stranger to space exploration. Humans have been racing to claim the starry night sky for ourselves ever since President JFK announced America's intention to be first to walk on the moon in 1961.

Since then, there have been plenty of successful space explorations from the moon landing to the launch of the space shuttle in 1981 to the occupancy of the international space station in the mid 2000s.

All of which have pushed the boundaries for technological and scientifc discoveries for the human race but the cost to get there was quite high and is causing some debate on if it's worth the supposed billions of dollars for each space mission.

NASA's 2020 budget was $22.629 billion. Now you might be thinking, that is a lot of money, but that amount only equates to about 0.48% of the entire U.S. budget so in comparison, the amount isn't a lot.

That money doesn't just go to towards space travel itself. It's spread across various departments and divisions from science, planetary science, astrophysics, earth science, exploration, safety and security research and more.

Despite the growing costs of space travel and rocket development, to which NASA says the next rocket to the moon could cost $1.6 billion, space travel and the research and development behind it, has led to some of mankind's most useful pieces of technology.

Many of our daily pieces of technology stemmed from space travel. Without the developments from space travel, there would be no satellites for telecommunications, navigation, broadcasting and weather monitoring.

Many other scientific breakthroughs coming from space travel include:

-digital optics used in medical diagnosis,

-scratch-resistant lenses for spectacles

-enriched long-life foods

-miniaturized computers

-lightweight materials in engines

-aircraft and tools,

-robotic hands,


-self-righting life-rafts

-fire-resistant clothing

Space exploration is also an important investment in the future - for the day when we have used up all the natural resources here on Earth. It could prove to be our last hope of survival. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Space travel is more than just science. It's about discovering what the untapped potential of the universe is and could be. It's about pushing ourselves beyond what we thought humanly possible and venturing into the unknown.

For if we fail to invest in space travel, we fail to invest in ourselves and and lose the potential to make history.

Besides, don't you want to know if aliens are real?


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