"In Defense Of Dexter Fowler"

A transcript of a recent Fox Sports Midwest video.

In a recent video posted to the Fox Sports Midwest twitter page, with the tweet dated 12/13/18 at 7:04 P.M., the sports provider seemed to be coming to the defense of the Cardinals revolving door in the right field corner, and why it made sense for the Cardinals to give Dexter Fowler another chance. Read it for yourself, and hear our thoughts on the Busch League podcast:

"Give Dexter Fowler a chance

And Tyler O'Neil, too

The Cardinals say they won't be entering the Bryce Harper sweepstakes,

And will give Dex another shot to reclaim right field.

With O'Neil waiting in the wings.

And Jose Martinez potentially on the move via trade market

And, honestly, it's the right move

Fowler struggled last season clearly

But a healthy Dex in 2017 had career highs with 18 homers and 64 RBIs

And he's a switch hitter, an added benefit in a right-handed heavy lineup

Plus, the Cardinals will still be able to find plenty of At-Bats for the power-hitting O'Neil

Who could work as the "Fourth Outfielder" and split time with Fowler

The 23 year old O'Neil smacked 35 homers between Triple-A and the big leagues last season

But he'll need to cut down on the strikeouts and up the batting average

All in all, the Fowler-O'Neil combo could be very effective

And it likely beats giving half a billion dollars for a decade of Harper (Sorry!)

So let's give a healthy Dex another chance to flash that smile

And a budding O'Neil a chance to flex those muscles"

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