I watched a Police shoot out live on Twitter Yesterday

I hate that title, but it just seemed most fitting.

Yesterday, I watched Phildelphia police engage in a shootout after an apparent warrant gone wrong, and it was an impressive display of the celebrity that comes along with causing mass destruction with firearms.

And while there were no deaths in this shootout, many more have not been so forutnate.

Yesterday, I watched officers of the law duck behind squad cars as bullets kicked up dust from the concrete. Imagine having to watch a loved one lose their life on Twitter of all places.

We even watched officers running with obviously bleeding wounds, like one officer who was shot in the hand and left a path of blood on the white road lines obvious from chopper 9's sky view.

Yesterday, 1 million people myself included tuned into our mobile devices to watch this event on Twitter, not to mention the probably millions more who will see some of these dramatic images played out at nauseum over the course of the 24-hour news cycle.

We all become glued to our devices hoping to catch a glimpse of some "exciting action" that makes for great ratings, and moving emotinal messages for each party to utilize.

Yesterday, I watched the Netflix original movie "The Highwaymen".

How are these connected you ask?

For those of you who haven't seen the movie, the cliffnotes are simple. Two former rangers hunt down Bonnie and Clyde. That's all you really need to know. Because see, what I noticed over the course of the movie was the psychological impact the celebrity of this outlaw couple had on the locations they stayed at.

At one point, Costner and Harrelson's characters come up on the edge of a pond where Bonnie and Clyde had stayed the night drinking, smoking, and hanging out, looking for signs of their next movement. I realized in that scene that the location they were at was probably a historic landmark location that is protected by the United States government.

We say learn from history, but sometimes that is just impossible it seems. Where Bonnie and Clyde became infamous through newspaper coverage, mass shooters become wiki-famous through 24-hour news and the internet.

These shooters maintain staying power in the media long after they are gone, and can achieve quick levels of infamy in short order.

I'm not trying to be political. This really is just an insane moment in human history, and in the history of this country.

Yesterday, I watched yet another person carry out violent acts against Americans with a weapon that from the sounds of it, was some form of high powered semi-automatic rifle. In every instance where something could be done, nothing was.

Maybe I'm the old man shouting at a cloud. But yesterday was a bad day.

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